Mexican worker sews his lips to demand promotion 墨西哥勞工縫唇要求升遷


A Mexican state water company worker has sewn his lips together to draw attention to his five-year fight to get a promotion.


The man used a needle and thread to put five stitches through his lips in front of the water company headquarters in the eastern city of Veracruz.


He handed a statement to reporters saying he has pleaded his case before several state institutions.


The man has been a laborer at the company for 18 years and has been seeking an office job since 2004.


Water company labor-union leader Angelica Navarette dismissed the man as a troublemaker whose demands are unfounded. She said the company has offered him better benefits but he refuses to compromise.



sew:動詞,縫補。sew up,片語(非正式用法),大獲成功;完全控制/獨占;確保。例句:The Japanese baseball team has sewn up the 2009 WBC championship.(日本隊贏得2009年世界棒球經典賽冠軍。)

stitch:名詞,縫了一針。A stitch in time saves nine,諺語,事半功倍。in stitches,片語(非正式用法),無法控制地狂笑。例句:He had us all in stitches with his funny gestures.(他的滑稽動作讓我們狂笑不止。)

unfounded:形容詞,沒有事實根據的;未建立的。例句:The candidate’s Senate bid has been attacked with an unfounded accusation.(這名候選人的參議院選情遭到不實指控的攻擊。)

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