Missing mobile found inside fish 魚肚裡找到不見的手機


A businessman who lost his mobile phone on a beach was amazed when it turned up - in the belly of a giant cod.


Andrew Cheatle thought it had been swept out to sea after it slipped from his pocket.


But a week later his girlfriend’s mobile rang and it was fisherman Glen Kerley saying he’d found the phone in a 25lb fish, reports The Sun.


Andrew got the handset back, dried it out - and amazingly it still works.


Andrew, 45, said: "I was messing about with my dog and my phone must have fallen out and been swept out in the swell. I kept calling it but I gave up hope after a couple of days."


He was shopping for a new phone with girlfriend Rita Smith, 33, when her mobile went off.


She told him: "Your old mobile number is calling my phone."



turn up:片語,出現、重現。例句:We thought he had been killed, but he turned up safe ans sound.(我們以為他遇害了,但他卻安全無恙地出現了。)

dry out:片語,(使)乾透。例句:The sun dried out the hay.(太陽把草曬得乾透。)

mess about:片語,嬉鬧、胡鬧或開玩笑。例句:Stop messing about! I am trying to tell you something important.(別胡鬧!我要告訴你一件重要的事情。)

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