Strained marriages harm women 緊張的婚姻關係有害女性


Women are more likely than men to suffer damage to their health from being in a strained marriage, research suggests.


US psychologists found wives in tense marriages were prone to risk factors for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. In comparison, husbands seemed relatively immune from such problems.


Details of the study, based on 276 couples who had been married for an average of 20 years were presented to the American Psychosomatic Society.


Each couple filled out questionnaires designed to assess the good and bad aspects of married life.


They were also rated for how depressed they appeared to be, based on their self-reported symptoms. Doctors then carried out a battery of tests to assess whether or not the volunteers were showing signs of metabolic syndrome.


Women in strained marriages were more likely to be depressed and to have a greater number of symptoms of metabolic syndrome.



strained :形容詞,緊張的。例句:Relations between the two countries have become strained recently.(這兩個國家最近關係緊張。)

immune:形容詞,免於…的。例句:He seems to be immune to colds - he just never gets them.(他似乎對感冒免疫,就是從來沒感冒過。)

a battery of :一連串。

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