Power grid is found susceptible to cyberattack 電力網易遭網路攻擊


An emerging network of intelligent power switches, called the Smart Grid, could be taken down by a cyberattack, according to researchers at IOActive Inc., a Seattle-based security consultancy.


IOActive researchers have spent the past year testing Smart Grid devices for security vulnerabilities and have discovered a number of flaws that could allow hackers to access the network and cut power, according to Joshua Pennell, IOActive’s CEO.


Smart Grid devices are small computers that are connected to the power grid, giving customers and power companies better control over the electricity they use. There are about 2 million of these devices currently deployed, but many more are expected to be added in coming years.


IOActive and independent security researcher Travis Goodspeed concluded that these Smart Grid devices could be used to spread malicious code.


In the hands of a malicious hacker, this code could be used to cut power to Smart Grid devices that use a feature called "remote disconnect," which allows power companies to cut a customer’s power via the network.



susceptible to:片語,易受……影響的;對……敏感的;易為……感染(感動)的。例句:The plant is not susceptible to disease.(這種植物不易受病害侵襲。)

grid:名詞,(將電流輸送廣大地區的) 高壓輸電線路網。grid原意為「格狀的框架;格子」。美國的電力設施,多年來採取相互支援、將多區電廠透過電塔串接成棋盤網路的模式運作,形成所謂的「power grid」。

via:介系詞,經由;憑、藉(=by means of)。via air mail指以航空郵寄。

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