The secret life of penguins revealed 揭開企鵝生命的祕密


Famous for its cuteness and comic gait on land, the penguin also has an enigmatic life at sea. Zoologists have long wondered where the flightless seabird goes during these long spells away from land.


French scientists attached monitoring devices to a dozen macaroni penguins on the Kerguelen Islands of Indian Ocean. The tufty-headed penguins headed out to sea at the onset of winter for their annual forage and returned on the following spring to breed.


Once at sea, the birds swiftly swam eastwards into the southern Indian Ocean, the investigators found.


The birds swam astonishing distances, clocking up 10,430 kilometres on average during their six months away. In the final weeks of the migration, they rushed to get home, covering a massive 1,743 kms in just one month.


Foodwise, the blood test showed that the penguins had gorged on crustaceans during their time at sea. Contrary to expectations, they had not tucked into the Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, which only occurs farther south in colder waters.



forage:動詞。覓食;在包包裡搜尋某物。例句:He was so broke and had to forage around for food on street.(他以前窮到得在街上到處找東西吃。)

gorge on、tuck into:動詞片語,大量地、狼吞虎嚥地吃。例句:There’s a study claimed that gorging on snacks before meal may be helpful to lose weight. (有一份研究宣稱,飯前猛吃零食或許有助減肥。)


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