Kenya women to sex-starve men into political breakthrough 肯亞女人發動性罷工以突破政治僵局


Women’s activist groups in Kenya have called for a seven-day sex ban on the country’s men in an attempt to shock the political class into overcoming bitter feuds and working together.


"This is a national boycott to show that the women of this country have resolved to push for reforms," Rukia Subow of the Kenyan women’s organisation Maendeleo ya Wanawake(The Women’s Development Organization) said.


The activists argued that the country’s egocentric male leaders should have no time for matters of the flesh when the east African nation is ensnared in economic and political trouble.


The organisation even said it would pay prostitutes to join the strike.


Subow urged the wives of quarreling coalition partners President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to support the movement. The premier’s wife, Ida Odinga, said she supported the strike body and soul.


Patricia Nyaudi, executive director of the Federation of Women Lawyers, argued the initiative was more than just a media stunt and was aimed at promoting a stronger sense of sacrifice.



egocentric:形容詞,自我為中心的,自私、自大的。例句:He’s so egocentric that he never once considered other people’s feelings.(他自私到從沒考慮過別人的感覺。)

ensnare:動詞,使陷入某種負面或非法處境。例句:The young mayor is ensnared in sex scandal.(這名年輕市長陷入性醜聞。)

media stunt:名詞,刻意安排的動作以吸引媒體注意。例句:Some Hollywood celebraties are skilled in various type of media stunt.(有些好萊塢名人很擅長用各種方式博版面。)

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