Man flu is not a myth 男流感非迷思


Surveys have shown that up to 30% of men take sick days because of colds and flu, compared with just 22% of women – often dubiously citing ‘man flu’ as the reason they feel so ill.


But man flu may not be a myth after all thanks to research showing that men really are the weaker sex.


Researchers from McGill University in Montreal found that women have a more powerful immune system than men thanks to their hormones.


The study showed that the female sex hormone oestrogen boosts the immune system’s first line of attack against bacteria and other invaders. The finding raises the possibility of using oestrogen-based drugs to shore up the male body’s defences.


The research focused on an enzyme called caspase-12. It raises susceptibility to infection by blocking the inflammation the body uses to fight bacteria and other unwanted bugs.


It is thought the phenomenon has its roots deep in evolution, with healthy female bodies being key to reproduction.


新聞辭典 Dictionary

sick day:(口語)病假。例句:Did Angela take a sick day today?(安琪拉今天請病假嗎?)至於「sick leave」則通常指長期的病假。

shore up:原指利用木頭或金屬製的支柱撐住不穩固的圍牆,引申出對運作不順利或可能失敗的事物加以「支撐、支持」的解釋。例句:The President shored up his own political position.(總統穩住自己的政治地位。)

bug:(口語)微生物;病菌;病毒。用法如:the flu bug(流感病毒)。

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