Berlusconi says he world’s most popular leader 貝魯斯孔尼自稱是全世界最受歡迎的領袖

◎ 魏國金

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has compared himself to Jesus Christ and Napoleon, boasted that he was the world’s most popular leader.


The conservative premier said opinion poll findings in his possession showed his popularity at just over 75 percent, making him far more popular than U.S. President Barack Obama -- or any other head of government.


"The opinion polls I know say that he (Obama) is at 59 percent. Only (Brazilian President Luiz Inacio) Lula tops 60 percent -- he is at 64 percent. So mine is a record high," he said.


On his way out of the concert hall, the 72-year-old Berlusconi -- who has proclaimed himself the Jesus Christ of Italian politics and once said he was second only to Napoleon-- was heckled by protesters who shouted "Go Away!."


A poll published in March by left-leaning La Repubblica daily said support for Berlusconi stood at 56 percent and had risen in April for the first time since October thanks to his hands-on response to a deadly earthquake.



second only to︰僅次於。例句︰Radon is second only to cigarette smoking in causing lung cancer.(氡氣引發肺癌的機率僅次於抽菸。)

heckle︰刁難、強烈質問、使難堪。比如︰heckle the performers with shouts(對表演者吼叫起鬨。)

hands-on︰親自參與、親身實踐。比如︰a hands-on mayor(事必躬親的市長);反義辭為hands-off(不插手、不干預),比如 a hands-off governor(不管事的首長。)

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