Ashton Kutcher wins Twitter battle with CNN 影星艾希頓庫奇在Twitter打敗CNN


For now, Ashton Kutcher is the king of Twitter. But there is a new challenger — Oprah.


Kutcher triumphed over CNN in their much ballyhooed race to be the first to reach a million followers on the microblogging Web site. Kutcher surpassed that benchmark recently, narrowly edging out the breaking news feed from CNN.


Kutcher had long trailed CNN, but he staged a rally in recent days that captured the attention of the Web. The million mark race was taken by many as a symbol of huge upswing of Twitter’s popularity.


In recent months, the site has increased exponentially in visitors. The search engine Yahoo said that searches for Twitter over the past four months increased more than 5,559 percent over the same time last year.


Among the many new users to join was Oprah Winfrey, whose entry caused ripples across Twitter. She gained more than 130,000 followers in less than a day, suggesting Winfrey — so successful in television, magazines, books and other media — would thrive on yet another platform.



ballyhoo:(口語用法)動詞,指大吹大擂地宣揚,如The ads ballyhooed the movie’s virtues.(廣告大肆宣揚那部影片的優點。)

edge out:指險勝、擠出去、取代,如Foreign car manufacturers are edging domestic companies out of the markets.(外國車廠正逐漸把本國車廠擠出市場外。)

upswing:名詞,指向上擺動、高漲、增加或改善。如Many analysts are predicting an upswing in the economy.(許多分析家都預測經濟即將回升。)

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