Police escorts from cash machines 警方提供提款護送服務


Police officers are offering to escort people home if they take out money from a cash machine and are nervous about being mugged.


The scheme is mainly intended for pensioners but any residents can telephone the Metropolitan Police to request a personal guard for their journey back from the bank.


Posters advertising the service state that the police escorts will follow on foot "from a safe distance" so not to draw attention to the customer. Officers "cannot do your shopping with you" and will only escort people to their homes, the adverts add.


Alan Burnett of Age Concern and Help the Aged said that many elderly people would welcome the extra protection.


"In a recent survey among older people, a large majority reported that they would like neighbourhood police officers, and police community support officers, to take proactive steps to make vulnerable senior citizens safer and feel safer," he said.



on foot:片語,徒步、步行。例句:The suspect attempted to flee on foot.(這名嫌犯試圖徒步逃逸。)

draw attention to~:片語,讓~引人注意。例句:The speaker drew attention to the point at issue.(演說者讓大家注意到這個爭論點。)

do one’s shopping:片語,購物。例句:Mother does her shopping on Saturdays.(母親常在週六大採購。)

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