Afghanistan’s only pig locked up: official 官員說︰阿富汗唯一的豬被關禁閉

◎ 魏國金

Afghanistan’s only known pig has been taken off display at Kabul Zoo and locked away to avoid panic among visitors who may be worried about swine flu, the zoo’s director said.


"We put the pig temporarily in his winter house under quarantine because of swine influenza," director Aziz Gul Saqib told AFP.


He said he had sent e-mails to other international zoos to find out if they had also put their pigs in quarantine because of health fears.


The WHO has officially backed away from calling the illness swine flu, going instead for influenza A (H1N1) to dispel the impression that it can be caught from eating pork products or through contact with pigs.


There have been no confirmed cases of swine influenza in Afghanistan and the country does not have any direct flights with nations affected.


The interned animal was one of two given to Afghanistan by China in 2002, months after the ouster of the hardline Taliban regime, to help reestablish the zoo after it was destroyed during civil war.


However, the other pig -- and their offspring -- were killed in an attack by a bear. Despite being the only pig, it was not too lonely, Saqib said. "The pig made friends with a goat and was happy sticking to the goat in the enclosure," Saqib said.



quarantine︰可當動詞與名詞,指隔離、(使乘客)接受檢疫。例句︰He was quarantined for three weeks when he had scarlet fever.(他患猩紅熱時被隔離了3週。)

back away︰退卻、退縮。例如,back away from one’s principles(背棄原則。)

stick to︰在此有緊隨、依附之意。例句︰Stick to me and you won’t get lost.(緊跟我,你就不會迷路了。)

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