New technology could instantly wake shut-down laptops 新科技能即刻喚醒關機筆電


Researchers have developed a technology that could allow laptops to wake up instantly from a shut-down state without draining battery life the way sleep states do.


University researchers have built ferroelectric material -- commonly found on smartcards -- on silicon, which could allow certain transistors to retain information after power is shut off. Scientists from Pennsylvania State University, Cornell University and Northwestern University are involved in the research.


The new findings could save users time by instantly booting laptops to their state when they were shut down. For example, a transistor in the laptop will be able to retain the state of a Word document on shutdown, and instantly reload the same state on reboot.


Quick-boot capabilities are enabled in laptops and most mobile devices, but many are unable to recreate shutdown states. Laptops usually never reboot back to their shutdown state, unless they are in sleep mode, which drains battery power. In essence, ferroelectric materials could wake up laptops from sleep mode, but without drawing any battery power.



drain: 動詞,(土地)排水,(資源等)逐漸枯竭。drain也可當名詞,brain drain字面意思是腦力枯竭,也就是指「人才外流」。 例句:The nation’s economic downturn may help reverse ’brain drain’ in W.Va.(美國的經濟衰退或許能逆轉西維吉尼亞州人才外流的情況。)

retain︰動詞,保有;留住;記住。例句:She retains an appearance of youth. (她保有年輕的外貌。)

in essence:片語,在本質上;大體上。名詞essence是指本質、要素。例句:The essence of language is communication. (語言的本質是溝通。)

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