Masked Mexican thieves cash in on new H1N1 flu 墨西哥蒙面賊利用H1N1新型流感


Masked Mexican thieves cash in on new H1N1 flu


Three armed thieves in Mexico City hid their faces while robbing watches from a department store by wearing the blue surgical masks which are now ubiquitous in the new flu-hit city.


Employees and security guards at a branch of the Sanborns department store told the daily Excelsior newspaper that the thieves were able to slip through the shop on Sunday without attracting attention, as they blended into a sea of masked shoppers.


One of the robbers threatened store assistants with a gun while another guarded the door and the third helped himself to watches from the jewelry department.


Banks in the Mexican capital have been forced to abandon normal rules over not letting in customers wearing face coverings.


Faced with the new flu outbreak, which has triggered a major global health scare, the government took emergency measures over the weekend and advised residents in the crowded city to wear face masks at all times outside their homes.



cash in on:片語,利用、從~中撈到好處。例句:Let’s cash in on the fine weather and go out.(讓我們利用好天氣出去玩吧。)

ubiquitous:形容詞,普遍存在的、無所不在的。例句:Bluetooth technology becomes more ubiquitous in markets around the world.(藍芽技術在全球市場上變得更無所不在。)

help oneself to:片語,隨意拿取、偷取。例句:They broke into the shop and helped themselves to the stock.(他們破門而入,隨意竊取店內貨品。)

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