Boy, 6, Takes Wheel After Dad Passes Out 6歲男孩在父親昏厥後接手開車

◎ 魏國金

A six-year-old boy grabbed the wheel of his family’s pick-up truck and stopped it from crashing after his father became unconscious in the driver’s seat.


Tustin Mains told police in North Platte, Nebraska, he was in the back seat with his three-year-old brother when their dad Phillip slumped over at the wheel.


He had been driving the family home from a restaurant when he suffered a low blood sugar attack and suddenly passed out. Brave Tustin leapt into his father’s lap to steer the Chevrolet Avalanche for several blocks, even turning around when he entered an area he did not recognise.


Although Mr Mains’ foot had slipped off the accelerator, the vehicle continued to travel at 10-15mph with the boy at the wheel until it was spotted by police.


North Platte officer Roger Freeze ran up to the moving truck, reached through an open window and slipped the gearstick into neutral before rolling it into a park.


Mr Mains said Tustin had done a good job of driving the truck, with the only damage being a minor scrape which happened when he brushed the side of a bridge.



pass out︰昏倒,或委婉指稱過世。例句︰After three drinks, the man passed out.(三杯黃湯下肚後,這人醉倒了。)

at (behind) the wheel︰在駕駛、在掌舵。例句︰They took turns at the wheel.(他們輪流開車。)lock the wheels就是指煞車。

run up to︰跑到……旁。例句︰The kid ran up to the teacher to show her his drawing.(這孩子跑到老師身旁,去給她看自己的圖畫。)

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