Sarkozy, Bruni kissing video on Facebook branded ’nauseating’ by press薩科茲、布妮親吻影片上Facebook被媒體稱「噁心」

◎ 管淑平

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has come under attack from the press after he revamped his Facebook page by posting a video of him kissing his supermodel wife Carla Bruni.


The video, which was shot this month during an informal interview between First Lady and competition winners from a women’s magazine, has been branded as "nauseating" by the press.


In the video, Sarkozy is seen dropping in on the group, apparently unannounced, and then kissing his wife before perching himself on the arm of a chair.


And as the group chatted, Bruni gazed at him adoringly, and even leaned across to wipe his eye.


After the video was released, it caught the attention of the British press, who said it was a public relations disaster, and some newspapers have called it "nauseating" and "embarrassing".


But Sarkozy did not take the criticism to heart, and posted the video on his Facebook page.



nauseating、embarrassing:形容詞,因虛偽的動作、言語而令人感到噁心肉麻的。例句:I don’t wanna hear their nauseating conversation.(我不想聽他們肉麻的對話。)

drop in on:動詞片語,順路拜訪某人。We dropped in on him on the way to Taipei yesterday.(我們昨天去台北的途中順路去拜訪他。)

take something to heart:動詞片語,認真看待某事、把某事放在心上。She has taken all your advice to heart.(她把你的所有建議都聽進去了。)

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