Japan FM says Indiana Jones trivialises nuke threat 日本外相說印第安納瓊斯小覷核武威脅

Japan’s foreign minister has taken a swipe at the latest sequel of Steven Spielberg’s ’Indiana Jones’ blockbuster series for trivialising the devastation of a nuclear bomb blast.


"There was a scene in a hit movie last year in which the famous hero, facing a blast from a nuclear test, hid in a refrigerator," Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone said in a speech against nuclear weapons.


"I was surprised by the movie’s lack of awareness of a nuclear bomb blast. A nuclear explosion destroys everything in an instant. I felt concern that this kind of easy-going image might spread around the world."


The minister did not identify the movie, but a foreign ministry official confirmed that it was "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," the fourth in the hit series directed by Spielberg.


Two US atomic bombs dropped on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities in August 1945 killed more than 210,000 people, instantly or in the following weeks. Japan surrendered less than a week later, ending World War II.




take a swipe at someone or something :俚語,攻擊某人或某物;試圖去做。

blockbuster:名詞,廣受歡迎的暢銷電影或書籍。例句:"Ghostbusters" was such a big blockbuster.(電影「魔鬼剋星」當年可真是紅極一時。)

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