Football is a barometer of ’serious’ racism 足球是「嚴重」種族主義的指標


Football is proving to be a valuable barometer of the serious impact of racism and xenophobia in society, the UN’s expert on racism said after a rash of incidents at stadiums.


Githu Muigai, the United Nations Special Rapporteur against racism, highlighted racist chanting during a recent match between Juventus and Inter Milan in Italy, directed at Inter’s Mario Balotelli, who is of Ghanaian origin.


"This is just the tip of the iceberg," Muigai observed. "We know that this year alone, football governing bodies must have fined or reprimanded more than a dozen teams on the basis of the racism of spectators."


But he also warned against dismissing racism among some fans as a political problem linked to right-wing groups that were out of tune with the rest of society.


"If you take what people say and see how people react in football stadiums, then you know that at the heart of society we still have serious problems we have to address."



barometer: 名詞,原為氣壓計、晴雨表,引申為可用來顯示或衡量情勢發展狀況的指標,如This survey is considered to be a reliable barometer of public opinion.(這項調查被視為是評估民意的可靠指標。)

tip of the iceberg:片語,冰山一角,These small local protests are just the tip of the iceberg.(這些小型的地方性示威只不過是冰山的一角。)

out of tune:片語,原指(音樂上)走了調,引申為指與某人或某事格格不入、不搭調,如Your ideas are out of tune with company policy.(你的想法與公司政策格格不入。)

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