Burger King to scrap ad after complaint 接獲抱怨 漢堡王要撤廣告


Fast food giant Burger King apologized for an advertisement featuring a squat Mexican draped in his country’s flag next to a tall American cowboy and said it would change the campaign.


Mexico’s ambassador to Spain said posters released in Europe for Burger King’s new Tex-Mex style "Texican whopper," a cheeseburger with chile and spicy mayonnaise, inappropriately displayed the Mexican flag, whose image is protected under national law.


The ambassador wrote a letter complaining to Burger King and requested the ad campaign be discontinued.


Burger King said the ads were meant to show a mixture of influences from the southwestern United States and Mexico, not to poke fun at Mexican culture, but said it would replace them "as soon as commercially possible."


A TV version of the ad shows the strapping cowboy and the pint-sized Mexican wrestler -- nicknamed "Just a Little Bit" -- living together as roommates. At one point, the American lifts up the Mexican to help him put a trophy on a high shelf.



squat:動詞/名詞,蹲;蹲踞;形容詞,蹲坐的,矮胖的。例句:I really hate squat toilets; I got bad knees.(我真的很討厭蹲式馬桶;我膝蓋不好。)


trophy:名詞,獎盃。trophy wife,獎盃老婆,專指事業有成的男人所娶的性感老婆,藉此來炫耀其個人成就。獎盃老婆通常非該男子的首任老婆,也與其成就無關。

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