No he can’t! Arizona college snubs Obama 不,他不行!亞利桑納州的大學冷落歐巴瑪


Arizona State University has snubbed President Barack Obama by declining to give him an honorary degree when he addresses students at a graduation ceremony there, it was reported.


In a break with tradition that has sparked howls of protest, the college has said it will not honor Obama on the grounds that America’s first black president has an insufficient "body of work."


US universities invariably bestow honorary degrees upon speakers invited to give commencement addresses for graduates.


However an ASU spokeswoman was quoted in several reports as saying Obama had done nothing to deserve the honor, despite being elected the first African-American president and publishing two best-selling books.


Obama will be receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame when he delivers their commencement address on May 17.


"Perhaps Notre Dame has a better understanding of what Obama already has accomplished simply by reaching our nation’s pinnacle of political power and public service," the East Valley Tribune said.



snub:動詞/名詞,冷落,怠慢。例句:He snubbed me by ignoring my request.(他漠視我的要求,冷落怠慢了我。)


commencement:名詞,開始,發端。commencement ceremony,畢業典禮;commencement address,畢業典禮致詞。

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