’Rip off’ mayor elected「敲竹槓」鎮長當選


A Croatian politician has been swept to power after promising voters he would rip them off at every opportunity.


Bare-faced Josko Risa was voted in as mayor in Prolozac with a landslide victory using the slogan:"All for me - nothing for you."


"I just told them the truth. This town will be like my family business. If I get a little something, so do they," he explained.


Locals who backed Risa said they would be happy to have him as mayor, despite his bizarre campaign pledge.


Ivan Vjisnic, 57, said: "We know what we’re letting ourselves in for."


"We’re going to get ripped off no matter who takes over. At least he’s being honest and up front about it. And he has said that if things get better for him then they will get better for us."



rip off:片語,剝削、敲竹槓。例句:They really ripped us off at that hotel.(那家旅館著實敲了我們一筆竹槓。)

let oneself in for:片語,招致或找來~(通常是困難或不願見到的事物)。例句:I don’t want to let myself in for a lot of extra work.(我不想讓自己接下許多額外工作。)

up front:片語,直率的。例句:You should be up front about potential problems.(你應該坦率地面對潛在問題。)

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