A World in 3D 虛擬 3D 世界

The History of 3DThe 1952 film Bwana Devil is widely considered to be the first American 3D motion picture. To 1)publicize the realism of 3D, the poster read, “A LION in your lap! A LOVER in your arms!” Bwana Devil started a wave of 3D moviemaking, and a photograph of the audience wearing 3D glasses taken at the premiere is one of the most famous images of the 1950s. Studios rushed to cash in. 1953 saw the release of 27 full-length 3D films, including Vincent Price’s House of Wax, a masterpiece of horror. Creature from the Black Lagoon, another great 3D horror movie, came out a year later. But as quickly as the craze began, it 2)flickered out.(節錄自 EZ Talk 美語會話誌,完整內容請見 10 月號)

中譯 Translation

一九五二年的電影《布瓦納魔鬼》被公認為是美國 3D 電影的鼻祖。為宣傳 3D 的逼真效果,電影海報上寫著:「獅子坐在你腿上!愛人躺在你懷中!」《布瓦納魔鬼》開啟了製作 3D 電影的浪潮,一九五○年代最著名的影像之一,正是觀眾戴著3D 眼鏡參加電影首映的照片。電影公司趕著大撈一票。一九五三年共有二十七部 3D 劇情片上映,包括文生普萊斯的驚悚大作《恐怖蠟像館》。另一部出色的 3D 恐怖片《黑湖妖潭》則在一年後問世。但這股熱潮來得急,去得也快。

英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) publicize (v.) 宣傳,廣告,公佈
The charity event was widely publicized.
2) flicker out (phr.) 逐漸熄滅,逐漸消失
The candle flickered out, leaving the room in darkness.

EZ英語通 Language Guide

★cash in 的用法
文中的 cash in 是指「靠……賺大錢」,常用的句型為 cash in + on sth.。
例 Lots of people want to cash in on the stock market.
賭博前會先買籌碼 (chips),離開賭局時再將籌碼兌現,就是 cash in (one’s chips)。
例 It’s time to cash in my chips and go home.
除了賭博用的籌碼, cash in 也可用來表示將等同金錢的東西拿去「換現金」,像是股票、債券等。
例 Daniel cashed in his bonds and bought a new car.

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