Mayor’s aide bites cop over Lisbon traffic dispute 市長助理為了里斯本交通爭議咬警察

Mayor’s aide bites cop over Lisbon traffic dispute
A top municipal official in Lisbon’s Oeiras suburb sank his teeth into a traffic police officer during a discussion over a fine, apparently enraged by the familiar form used by the officer to address him.
Police said Esequiel Lino, an aide to the mayor of Oeiras, had come to the police station to protest his daughter’s car being towed away by police.
"He started verbally abusing the officers, kicking the desk and was warned several times, but it didn’t stop him. He went on and ended up biting one of the officers in the arm, and had to be detained," a police spokeswoman said.
The officer had to be treated in a hospital.
The Diario de Noticias daily quoted a police source as saying the official had become infuriated when a young policeman, telling him to stop shouting, addressed the 64-year-old using the familiar form of "you," without the honorific "sir."


sink one’s teeth into something:慣用語,以無比精力與熱情去做某事;本文中指官員咬警察,有雙關語之意。例句:It’s a really exciting project - I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.(這真是個好計畫—我等不及要大展身手!)
tow away:拖吊。例句:My car was towed away!(我的車被拖吊了!)
verbally abuse:言語攻擊/謾罵。其他類似用法,physically abuse,身體攻擊/毆打。例句:Domestic violence covers a wide range of abuse including child negligence and verbally abuse.(家暴涵蓋廣泛的虐待行為,包括疏於照料兒童與言語暴力。)

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