Men better than women at sweating during exercise - study 研究:運動時男人比女人會流汗

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Women unused to physical exercise had the worst sweating response, says the research in Experimental Physiology. This could mean women suffer more in hot temperatures as sweating helps the body deal with heat. A UK expert said women had less body fluid so could not lose as much as men.
The researchers asked 37 people to cycle continuously for an hour in a controlled climate. The results of the study showed that while physical training increases sweating in both men and women, the degree of increase is greater in men.
And the difference in sweating between the sexes became more pronounced as the intensity of the exercise increased. But women needed to get hotter, or work harder, than men before they got sweaty, says the study. This was particularly noticeable in the untrained women.
unused to:不習慣。例句:He is unused to sleeping outdoors.(他不習慣睡戶外。)
pronounced:形容詞,顯著的。例句:I’m told I have a very pronounced English accent when I speak French.(人家告訴我,我講法文時有很明顯的英文口音。)
sweaty:形容詞,讓人流汗的。名詞與動詞皆為sweat。例句:She wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead.(她擦去前額的汗珠。)

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