Missing snake that had zoo on edge found dead 令動物園緊張的失蹤蛇被人發現死亡

Residents and visitors to Atlanta’s Grant Park can relax.
The rattlesnake missing from the quarantine section of the reptile building since Friday was found dead over the weekend, its identity confirmed by the zoo on Monday.
"From the snake’s perspective, obviously, there could’ve been a better ending," said Dr. Dwight Lawson, Ph.D, Deputy Director of Zoo Atlanta. "But we’re very relieved and pleased to know that the situation is over."
Not knowing where the 2-foot-long, broom-handle-thick tiger rattlesnake was had Zoo Atlanta staffers on edge all weekend.
On Monday morning, the zoo got a call from a woman who’d heard that a snake had escaped from its cage at the zoo.
"Her husband, who apparently was working on renovating a house, had said that he had killed a snake on the property presumably the day before. So, sometime Sunday," Lawson said.
on edge:片語,緊張不安、煩躁。例句:The constant noise set her nerves on edge.(噪音不絕於耳,使她心煩意亂。)
renovate:動詞,修復、裝修。例句:He renovated a two-storey building.(他裝修一幢兩層樓的房子。)
presumably:副詞,據推測、大概。例句:Presumably he won’t see you, if you are leaving tomorrow.(如果你明天離開,他大概碰不見你了。)

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