US grandmother shoots intruder in her bedroom 美國阿嬤對入侵她臥房的歹徒開槍

A pistol-packing grandmother in northern Alabama believes intruders will think twice before messing with her again.
Police say 69-year-old Ethel Jones shot an 18-year-old man in the stomach when she found him inside her bedroom at her home in Decatur.
Jones tells The Decatur Daily she sleeps with her gun under a pillow next to her. She says she grabbed it after hearing a door rattle shortly before 3 a.m. Monday.
Police say the suspect removed a window air conditioner to get inside the home. He is in the hospital and faces a charge of second-degree burglary.
think twice:片語,重新考慮、仔細考慮。例句:I would like to think twice about the contract before signing it.(在簽合約以前我想要再考慮考慮。)
rattle:動詞,發出連續短促的尖銳聲音,或發生格格聲。例句:The windows rattled in the wind.(窗戶在風中格格作響。)
next to:片語,緊靠~旁邊;貼近。例句:Police found John Nelson 35, lying unconscious next to his car with stab wounds to the back of head.(警方發現35歲的約翰尼爾森在自己的汽車旁不省人事,頭部後面有傷口。)

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