Seoul squirms over octopus head war 章魚頭之戰讓首爾侷促不安

Authorities in the South Korean capital are trying to untangle themselves from a slimy row: how many octopus heads is it safe to eat?
Octopus heads are a favorite dish on the peninsula -- for their apparent aphrodisiac qualities.
In September, the Seoul city government enraged restaurateurs and the fishing industry when it announced octopus heads contained hazardous amounts of cadmium, a carcinogen that poisons the liver and kidneys.
It advised against eating more than two heads a day.
Enraged fishermen threatened to sue the government and their cause caught the imagination of the public when lawmakers representing their constituents took an octopus into a national assembly session, causing laughter as it tried to escape the jar.
Lee Wan-beom, a fisherman from the county of Muan, told the Korea JoongAng daily that prices for octopus had halved since the government’s warning.
squirm︰動詞,蠕動、扭動、侷促不安。例句︰He squirmed with shame.(他羞愧得坐立不安。)
untangle︰動詞,解開……糾結、整頓、使不再紊亂。例句︰The experts are searching the way to untangle the city’s traffic jams.(專家們在尋找整頓這座城市交通阻塞的方法。)
enrage︰動詞,激怒、使狂怒。例句︰His harsh remarks enraged her.(他的刺耳言論令她大為憤怒。)

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