U.S. scientists design smart underpants that could save lives 美國科學家設計出可救命的智慧內褲

A team of U.S. scientists has designed some new men’s briefs that may be comfortable, durable and even stylish but, unlike most underpants, may be able to save lives.
Printed on the waistband and in constant contact with the skin is an electronic biosensor, designed to measure blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs.
The technology, developed by nano-engineering professor Joseph Wang of University of California San Diego and his team, breaks new ground in the field of intelligent textiles and is part of shift in focus in healthcare from hospital-based treatment to home-based management.
The method is similar to conventional screen-printing although the ink contains carbon electrodes.
The project is being funded by the U.S. military with American troops likely to be the first recipients.
briefs:名詞,短內褲。例句:He stripped himself to his briefs.(他脫掉衣服,只穿內褲。)
vital:形容詞,生命的;維持生命所必需的。例句:Growth and decay are vital processes.(生長和衰亡是生命過程。)
break new ground:片語,開闢新的領域;作出新發現。例句:Miles Davis broke new ground in jazz.(邁爾士.戴維斯為爵士樂開創出新風貌。)

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