Japan senior lawmaker Americans are simple-minded 日本資深議員說,美國人頭腦簡單

A key figure in Japan’s ruling party dubbed Americans "simple-minded" in a speech to fellow lawmakers Wednesday.
It was not clear what prompted the remarks by Democratic Party heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa at a political seminar, in which he otherwise paid tribute to Americans’ commitment to democracy, saying it was something Japan should learn from.
"I like Americans, but they are somewhat monocellular," the former Democratic Party leader said. "When I talk with Americans, I often wonder why they are so simple-minded."
Ozawa didn’t elaborate on what aspect of Americans made him compare them monocellular organisms, a term also used to mean shortsighted or dumb.
"I don’t think Americans are very smart, but I give extremely high credit for democracy and choices by its people," he also said. "They chose a black president for the first time in U.S. history," adding that he thought once that would never be possible.
pay tribute to someone or something:慣用語,向某人或某事致敬;公開認可某人或某事。例句:They will have a reception to pay tribute to the work of the charitable foundation.(他們將舉辦表揚會向那個慈善基金會的工作致敬。)
elaborate:動詞,詳述;形容詞,詳細的。例句:He was asked to elaborate on his proposal.(他被要求詳述他的提案。)

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