100-year-old Indian freedom fighter pursues PhD 百歲印度自由鬥士攻讀博士

 ◎ 魏國金
Indian freedom fighter Bholaram Das marked his 100th birthday this weekend by announcing he was going back to school.
Das has enrolled in a PhD program at Gauhati University – making him perhaps the oldest university student in this country of 1 billion.
"In my 100 years, I have done many things in the sphere of society, politics, governance and religion," said Das. "I thought I must work towards a PhD that could satisfy my hunger for learning."
Das was 19 when he was jailed for participating in a 1930 protest against British rule. He spent two months doing hard labor and went on to study commerce and law. In 1945, he joined the Congress Party that led India’s drive for independence, achieved in 1947. Das worked as a teacher, a lawyer, a magistrate and a district court judge before retiring in 1971.
For his doctorate, Das plans to study a subject close to his heart– how his native Bohori village helped in the spread of neo-Vaishnavism, a liberal and monotheistic stream of the Hindu religion credited with breaking down social divisions in Assam.
work towards︰努力達到、設法獲得。例句︰They are working towards having all countries sign a peace agreement.(他們正努力促成所有國家簽署一項和平協議。)
hard labor︰苦役、苦工。例句︰North Korea sentenced a foreign teacher to five years of hard labor.(北韓判處一名外籍教師5年勞改。)
drive︰名詞,有衝動、內驅力之意。例如︰He is a man of great drive.(他是衝勁十足的人。)

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