Diane von Furstenberg designs Ohio hospital gowns黛安.馮福斯坦柏格為俄亥俄州醫院設計病人袍

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg has helped the Cleveland Clinic create a more stylish hospital gown without the peek-a-boo back.
The gown features elements associated with von Furstenberg designs - a wrap dress with a bold, graphic print. The clinic’s logo is printed on the fabric.
The gown has side ties, which eliminate the embarrassing open-back look.
The Plain Dealer says the fabric was chosen to address a concern that patients were too warm in the hospital.
So designers had to find a material lightweight enough to be cool but tough enough to withstand frequent laundering and having monitors and drains pinned to it.
Feedback has been mostly positive. Some men have complained that the gown is too feminine, so the design team is considering an alternate print.
gown: 名詞,女禮服;長袍。evening gown,晚禮服;night gown,睡衣。cap and gown,畢業生帽與袍。例句:It’s compulsory for graduates to wear cap and gown for attending the commencement ceremony.(畢業生參加畢業典禮時必須穿著畢業生帽與袍。)
associate with:動詞,使有關,有聯繫。
withstand:動詞,禁得起;抵擋。例句:The straw hut is too fragile to withstand heavy storms.(這棟茅草屋太脆弱以致無法抵擋大風暴。)

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