US capital’s arbor ardor unabated despite outage outrage 儘管發生大停電,美國首都對樹木的熱情絲毫不減

 Power utilities and regulators alike blame downed trees as the main culprit for recent power outages across the U.S. capital region, but the area’s love affair with a green canopy shows no signs of abating.


 Washington has a long history of tree lovers. It includes former presidents such as George Washington, despite the legendary story about him chopping down a cherry tree, and Thomas Jefferson, who ordered poplars planted on Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol Building and the White House. Arboreal fervor went into overdrive in the 1870s when Alexander "Boss" Shepherd, who served as Washington’s leader, ordered the planting of 60,000 trees.


 These days even as extreme storms in both summer and winter knock down trees contributing to power outages that last several days, residents say keeping large trees is a price worth paying.


 Trees are certainly not the only cause of power outages and they are not the only reason why it takes the region so long to get power restored.


 Regulators will study the causes of this outage. But Paula Carmody, who represents consumers as the People’s Counsel for Maryland, said utilities have long tried to make trees take the fall for the power woes. "The utility companies try to blame the victim and that just doesn’t work." (Reuters)


 新聞辭典 love affair:名詞,指對某事抱有極高的熱忱,例句:Her love affair with ballet began when she was ten.(她自10歲起就深深愛上芭蕾。) go into overdrive:overdrive指汽車的加速檔,本文中指開始加倍努力、認真工作,或以激動的方式開始做某事,例句:With her exams only two weeks away, she’s gone into overdrive and is studying ten hours a day.(距離考試只有2週時間,她開始加倍認真,每天讀書10小時。) take the fall(for sb/sth):片語,指替人承擔責任,為某事負責,例句:The team’s general manager takes the fall when the team loses but gets a lot of credit when they do well.(當球隊輸球時,經理必須負起責任,但當球隊贏球時,經理也會獲得許多讚賞。)

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