Made in Israel? Not a simple question 以色列製造?問題沒這麼簡單

For decades, Israel has marketed an array of cosmetics and food products manufactured in the occupied West Bank as "Made in Israel," blurring their true origins in Jewish settlements opposed by virtually the entire international community. 數十年來,以色列一直把在以色列佔領下約旦河西岸所製造的各種化妝品與食物標示為「以色列製造」來行銷,刻意模糊了這些商品的真正來源是猶太屯墾區,而幾乎整個國際社會都反對屯墾區存在。 Now that practice is being challenged with demands that products made in the settlements be labeled accordingly. 現在這種作法正遭到挑戰,以色列被要求應將這些在屯墾區所製造的商品如實標示。 Recent criticism, coming most prominently from South Africa, is putting Israel in a bind over the muddle it has created in the West Bank:Despite 45 years of control and a massive and costly effort to settle it with Jews, Israel has never annexed the territory – and the Palestinians claim it for a future state. 近來的批評聲浪,其中最主要來自南非,讓以色列陷入它自己在約旦河西岸所製造的窘境中:儘管以色列控制西岸長達45年,並投下鉅資推動猶太人大規模前往西岸屯墾,以色列從未正式併吞這塊土地,而巴勒斯坦人則要求在此建立未來的國家。 Several weeks ago, South Africa issued a notice saying it wants to require merchants "not to incorrectly label products that originate from the Occupied Palestinian Territory as products of Israel." It said consumers should not be "misled" that the products originated in Israel. 數週前,南非發布一項公告表示將要求商人「不要誤把源自被佔領巴勒斯坦領土的產品標示為以色列產品。」南非政府表示,消費者不該被「誤導」認為這些產品來自以色列。 The notice did not specify what the label should say, saying "the burden for proving where the products originate will lie with traders." 公告中並未詳述標示上該如何說明,只說「證明產品來源的責任將由商人自行承擔。」 South Africa is not a major market for Israel. Nonetheless, the voice of the South African government could be a symbolic boost to the Palestinians, given the country’s history of overcoming apartheid and its leading role in the developing world.(AP) 南非並非以色列的重要市場。然而南非政府的聲音對巴勒斯坦人卻可能是一種象徵性的鼓勵,因為南非過去曾克服了種族隔離政策,並在開發中世界扮演著重要角色。(美聯社) 新聞辭典 settlement:名詞,指殖民、定居,或殖民地、新拓居地等,如Many Native Americans were killed during the settlement of the American West by Europeans in the nineteenth century.(歐洲人於十九世紀前往美國西部拓荒期間,有許多美洲原住民遭到殺害。) in a bind:片語,指陷入困境或尷尬處境,如Borrowing money may put you in a real bind.(借錢可能讓你陷入困境。) lie with:動詞片語,指由某人或某事決定、負責,如Responsibility for the disaster must ultimately lie with the government.(這場災難的責任最終必須由政府來擔負。)

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