Stolen watch back after 51 years 失竊的手錶在51年後物歸原主


A Florida man said an heirloom watch stolen from his family 51 years ago in Michigan mysteriously turned up at a supermarket near his Florida home.

佛羅里達州一名男子表示,他的家族 51年前在密西根州失竊的一只傳家手錶,竟神秘地在他位於佛州家附近的一間超級市場出現。

Piero Ramos, 18, an employee at Publix in North Fort Myers said he saw the watch at the top of a trash can at the store Tuesday and noticed the inscription "John Iwanacki," the dates 1922-1957 and the signature of automaker Henry Ford, WINK-TV, Fort Myers, reported Monday.

18歲、北邁爾斯堡普布力克斯的員工皮洛.羅慕 斯說,他週二在店內的一個垃圾桶上面看見這只手錶,並注意到錶上面刻著「約翰.伊瓦納基」,日期為1922-1957年,以及汽車大亨亨利.福特的簽名, 據邁爾斯堡WINK電視台週一報導。

Ramos said he checked a phone book and was able to find Bill Iwanacki of Fort Myers, grandson of the watch’s original owner.


Iwanacki said the watch, a retirement gift from the Ford Motor Co., was stolen from his family’s Michigan home in 1959.

伊瓦納基說,這只手錶是福特汽車公司給的退休禮物,1959年在 其家族位於密西根州的屋內遭竊。

"I’m just feeling goosebumps. I’m beside myself," Iwanacki said after becoming the first member of his family to see the watch in 51 years.


Iwanacki said he is stumped as to how the watch wound up so close to his own Fort Myers home.



turn up︰片語,出現、來到。例句︰The boss turned up unexpectedly.(老闆出人意料地現身。)

goosebumps︰名詞,雞皮疙瘩,也可寫作goose bumps。例句︰I get goosebumps when I see a snake.(我見到蛇時會嚇得起雞皮疙瘩。)

wind up︰ 片語,結束、告終。例句︰He wound up as a teacher.(他最後當了老師。)

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