App for leaving your virtual mark at physical places 讓你在實際地點留下虛擬記號的App

Imagine standing at the Eiffel Tower and being able to see messages and videos overlaid through your smartphone from all visitors who have come before you. A new app called Wallit combines augmented reality, a virtual view of the real world that can be extended with graphics and other content, with a social experience.
It allows users to post and view content at virtual walls in popular places, tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, stadiums and stores.
"Think of a virtual wall on the face of the Golden Gate Bridge from one end to the other where people can leave sentiments, photos, movies and even audio that are persistent at that location, even though the people who generate the content constantly keep changing," said Veysel Berk, the founder of Wallit.
The goal, he said, is to record a cumulative, human experience at a location that exhibits the character of a place over time.(Reuters)
physical:形容詞,實際的。例句:All physical objects occupy space.(所有實物都佔有空間。)
overlay:動詞,覆蓋,塗在上面。例句:The foundation of the house is built from rubble overlaid with concrete.(這間屋子的地基是以粗石覆蓋水泥建成。)
face:名詞,(物體的)正面。例:the north face of a mountain山的北面。

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