Indonesia opens tsunami museum 印尼啟用海嘯博物館


Indonesia opened a $5.6 million museum Monday to commemorate the 230,000 people who died in the 2004 Asian tsunami.


The four-level building in hardest-hit Aceh province exhibits photographs of victims, stories of survivors and an electronic simulation of the massive undersea earthquake that triggered the 30-foot-high (10-meter-high) waves.


It also describes the tremendous outpouring of support from governments, companies and individuals in the aftermath of the Dec. 26, 2004 disaster, which caused death and destruction in a dozen nations. More than $13 billion was pledged to house and feed survivors and to rebuild devastated coasts.


The government says the museum, designed by local architect Ridwan Kamil, is an important part of the recovery process, paying tribute to those who died and explaining to future generations what happened and why.


新聞辭典 Dictionary

outpouring:名詞,倒流,流出;感情的流露。例句:I am warmed by the outpouring of concern from good friends. (好友洋溢著關懷,令我窩心。)

in the aftermath of:片語,在~之後,與 in the wake of 同。例句:In the aftermath of the war against Lebanon, a political crisis is unfolding in Israel.(在黎巴嫩戰爭過後,以色列的政治危機才正要開始。)

pay tribute to:片語,讚揚,致敬。例句:Cirque du Soleil will pay tribute to the Beatles in the latest show. (太陽馬戲團將在最新表演中向披頭四合唱團致敬。)

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