Two-tailed dog livens up Hungary’s election 雙尾狗讓匈牙利選舉更熱鬧

Two-tailed dog livens up Hungary’s election
A two-tailed cartoon dog offering free beer and eternal life has galvanised Hungary’s latest election campaign.
The dog is the symbol of a party that has grown out of Hungary’s rock-bottom regard for its politicians as the country lurches from one crisis to another.
"We just elect these people to represent the gangsters and the rich," said Gergely Kovacs, chairman of the Two-Tailed Dog Party (TTDP). "This kind of democracy is ridiculous."

Founded as a street-art spoof in 2004, the TTDP has mocked campaigns before. Now it has entered the political arena for real as the public mood has sinks even further.
A government scandal ignited bloody street violence in 2006. In 2008, the country faced financial meltdown and the global crisis caused a deep recession last year, toppling the government.
Disgusted, the Two-Tailed Dog Party decided to run for office in Budapest and the southern Hungarian town of Szeged with the slogan: "Eternal life! Free beer! Tax cuts!" "Money without work!" is another popular cry.

galvanise/galvanize: 動詞,原指在…上鍍鋅或用電流刺激,文中引申為指刺激、引起某人採取意外行動,如Western charities were galvanized by TV pictures of starving people.(受到電視播出的飢民畫面所刺激,西方國家的慈善組織開始採取行動。)
rock- bottom:文中作形容詞,名詞則為rock bottom,指最低點、最低潮、谷底,如Confidence in the government is at rock bottom.民眾對政府的信心已經降到最低點。或Alcoholics often have to reach/hit rock bottom before they can recognise that they have a problem.(酗酒者在認清自己有酗酒問題前,通常得先跌至谷底。)
lurch:動詞,指步態蹣跚、東倒西歪地持續向前,如He just lurches from one bad relationship to another.(他老是不斷掉進糟糕的感情關係裡。)

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