Wu Hsing-kuo

On completing his B.A. in 1977, Wu joined the Lu-Kuang Chinese Opera Company, a traditional opera troupe run by the army, to 1)fulfill his two years of 2)military service. He would continue performing with the company for 15 years, and was a three-time winner of the Military Golden Award for Best Actor. It was during this time that Wu began to worry about the future of Beijing opera. He noticed that audiences—mostly aging 3)mainlanders—were 4)dwindling, and realized that in order to keep the art form alive, it had to be made more 5)accessible to the younger 6)generation. He made it his life’s goal to ❶ breathe new life into Beijing opera, and, fortunately for theater lovers around the world, ended up succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. 

中譯 Translation

一 九七七年拿到學士學位後,吳興國加入陸光劇團——軍方經營的傳統戲曲劇團——服完兩年兵役。他繼續跟著陸光劇團演出十五年,三度贏得國軍文藝金像獎的最佳 男演員獎。這段期間他開始擔心京劇的未來。他注意到觀眾──多半是年邁的外省人──正在凋零,並了解要讓這種藝術形式生生不息,必須更親近年輕一代。他將 賦予京劇新生命列為終身職志,而且讓全球戲劇愛好者感到慶幸的是,他最後的成就遠超過他的想像。

英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) fulfill (v.) 完成(任務等),執行(命令等)
The manager was fired for failing to fulfill his duties.
2) military service (phr.) 兵役
All Israelis are required to complete military service.
3) mainlander (n.) 大陸人,(台灣)外省人
Many mainlanders came to Taiwan in the late 1940s.
4) dwindle (v.) 漸漸減少
Public support for the war is dwindling.
5) accessible (a.) 易被理解的,易被接受的
The author’s history books are accessible to a general audience.
6) generation (n.) 代,世代
We should all do our part to preserve the planet for future generations.

EZ好用句型 Tongue-tied No More

❶ breathe (new) life into…
為……注入新鮮感、活力 breathe 是「吹氣」,這裡的吹氣的人、事、物可是吐氣如蘭,被吹到的人都如沐春風般振作起來呢。 A: The new CEO says he’s going to breathe new life into the organization.
新上任的執行長說他要為組織注入新活力。 B: Yeah, sure. That’s what the last one said.

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