Libertarian candidate objects to political symbols自由派候選人反對政治象徵物

A Libertarian candidate for Licking County commissioner has challenged the county Board of Elections over some donkey and elephant figurines - symbols of the major political parties.
James Snedden Jr., 63, of St. Louisville, won his quest to have them removed.
Snedden filed a complaint with the board on Aug. 4 saying that when he turned in paperwork to run for office, he noticed donkey and elephant symbols representing the Democratic and Republican parties were on display. He said symbols of other political parties were not displayed, which he thought gave an unfair advantage to major-party candidates.
The Ohio secretary of state’s office called several days later, Sue Penick, director of the elections board’s office, said, and suggested that the statuettes be removed from public view to avoid any hassle. As a result, the figurines are no longer on the public counter but are still in the office.
object to someone or something:慣用語,不同意某人或某事。例句:He objects to my opinion.(他反對我的看法。)
turn someone or something in(to someone or something):慣用語,向某人或團體,特別是公職,遞交或介紹某人或某物。例句:She turned in the report to the auditor.(她向審計官遞交報告。)
hassle:名詞,混亂,麻煩,爭執。例句:I installed this software without hassle.(我安裝軟體沒有遇到問題。)

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