I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant 糊塗媽媽進產房

Claire is rushed to the hospital, and after a quick exam, the doctor delivers shocking news: “Claire, you’re going to have a baby any minute.” Just 90 minutes after arriving at the hospital and five minutes of pushing, she delivers a baby boy. Luckily, even with no prenatal care and Claire’s smoking and drinking, the baby is healthy. So how could she not have known she was pregnant? Claire had no nausea or cravings, and never felt the baby kick. There are some women who have few, if any, signs of pregnancy. She probably 1)conceived in October of 2006, when her birth control shots most likely failed. All forms of 2)hormonal birth control, whether 3)injections or pills, have a failure rate of 4)approximately 1%. 

中譯 Translation

克 萊兒被緊急送醫,快速檢查之後,醫生告知她驚人的消息:「克萊兒,妳隨時會生下寶寶。」就在抵達醫院 90 分鐘,再經過 5 分鐘的用力生產,她生出一個男嬰。幸運的是,雖然缺乏產前照護,而且克萊兒又菸又酒,男嬰仍健健康康。那她怎麼會不知道自己懷孕了?克萊兒沒有害喜或食慾 大增,也從來沒感覺寶寶在踢。確實有一些女性幾乎感受不到懷孕症狀。她大概是在 2006 年 10 月受孕的,當時避孕針極可能失效。所有荷爾蒙避孕方式,無論是打針或吃藥,都有近 1% 的失敗率。

英檢字彙 Vocabulary Bank

1) conceive (v.) 懷孕,受孕
The couple is having trouble conceiving.
2) hormonal (a.) 荷爾蒙的
The disease is caused by a hormonal imbalance.
3) injection (n.) 注射
Insulin is usually given by injection.
4) approximately (adv.) 大概,近乎
The earthquake lasted approximately 30 seconds.

文法解析 Grammar Master

whether…(or)… 無論是否…… whether A or B的結構常表示「兩種可能性擇其一」,可解釋為「(無論)是……還是……」,連接兩個名詞、動詞、介系詞片語或不定詞片語。
例. Whether you drink coffee or tea, I’m sure you’ll like that café.
例. We should go whether it’s raining or not.

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