Hasta la vista, baby 拜拜了,寶貝


A Mexican national who told airport immigration he was visiting Britain to see a friend was swiftly deported after a search unearthed a good-luck card in his luggage wishing him well for his "new life in the UK."


UK Border Agency officers at Manchester Airport routinely stopped the 40-year-old chef after he arrived on a flight from Los Angeles last Friday.


The man told them he was on a short trip to see a friend who was opening a restaurant in the area.


"However, a search of the passenger’s baggage revealed a huge collection of Mexican food recipes and a good-luck card from his church wishing him well for his ’new life in the UK,’" the agency said in a statement.


The man later admitted he had intended to work at the restaurant illegally and had planned to bring his family over from America if he liked it.


He was deported the next day.


"We will not tolerate people coming here to work illegally," the agency said. "People wanting to visit the UK must play by the rules. Those who do not are sent back."



hasta la vista:西班牙文的「再會」;隨著美國西語系人口增加,此用法已引入美國口語。但hasta la vista, baby!的用法,雖然帶有baby(寶貝),但偶爾會帶有戲謔意味,例如甩掉討人厭的傢伙後可以說hasta la vista, baby!,意思其實是「終於不用看到你了!」

recipe:名詞,(醫療的)處方,或是(烹飪的)食譜,後來也引申為訣竅,如the recipe for richness,致富秘訣。

play by the rule(s):片語,照規定來。Play by the rule, or face severe punishment.(照規定來,不然等著被重罰。)

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