Breaking up is hard to do, and costly, survey says 調查:分手難,代價高


Breaking up is hard to do and it is also expensive, with an Australian survey finding it cost people on average $45,000 to rebuild their lives after splitting up.


The survey for financial services group Bankwest found 19 percent of respondents who had been married estimated it cost over $100,000 to start a new life, while the average cost was slightly less. It also took several years to recover financially.


"It’s natural that couples in long-term relationships buy big ticket items together without giving a thought that one day they might split up," said Bankwest spokeswoman Selina Duncalf in a statement.


"But our research showed that nearly one in four people estimated it took longer than two years to get back on their feet financially after a split. Many are still struggling to get back on their feet years later."


The poll, conducted by Brand Management in late January, found that nearly half, or 48 percent, lost friends as a result of splitting up while 46 percent said their social life improved.

這項調查由Brand Management公司於1月底進行,調查發現幾乎一半人,也就是48%的人因分手而失去朋友,但有46%的人表示他們的社交生活改善了。

新聞辭典 Dictionary

on(the)average:平均而言。例句:I spend 2,000 dollars per month on average.(我每月平均花費兩千美元。)

split up:分裂、分開。例句:The party split up into small groups.(該黨分裂為若干小派系。)

get back on one’s feet:片語,從(失敗,痛苦等)中重新振作起來。例句:He soon got back on his feet after the fall.(他在挫折後很快就東山再起。)

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