Fujitsu Siemens Debuts ’zero-watt’ Green PC 富士通西門子首推「零瓦」環保電腦


Fujitsu Siemens Computers plans to launch in the middle of this year an enterprise desktop computer that consumes no energy when switched off, it said Sunday at the Cebit trade fair in Hanover, Germany.


Computers, like most electronics, consume a very small amount of energy even when switched off because of losses in the transformer or sensors that remain active for functions such as remote power-on.


The Esprimo 7935 packs a system that achieves zero consumption without pulling the plug, said Lothar Lechtenberg, a spokesman for the company.

「Esprimo 7935」集合了一套不用拔掉插頭就能達到零耗電目標的系統,該公司發言人洛塔爾.萊希滕貝格說。

Businesses with a lot of computers stand to save a significant amount of money each year by ensuring their PCs aren’t consuming any power overnight but there are disadvantages. Many companies administer software updates overnight and having the machines unplugged means that’s not possible.


Fujitsu Siemens says it has solved this problem by allowing the machines to be awake and consuming a very small amount of power during a predefined time-slot during which updates can take place. Once the time slot passes the machine returns to zero-watt mode until it is switched on by its user.


新聞辭典 Dictionary

debut: 這是英語系國家常用的法文單字,是首次出現或是首映(premiere)的意思。debut當名詞時用法如:Did you see the debut of the Spiderman?(你看了蜘蛛人的首映嗎?)另外它也常以make one’s debut的形式出現。

time-slot:名詞,時間空檔。例句:We need a prime time slot.(我們需要一個黃金檔時段。)

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