This Day in History September 28 歷史上的今天 9月28日

Teachers play a vital role in shaping people's minds. They come in all different forms, from those at school to those in your own family. One of history's greatest teachers was Confucius. Born on this date in 551 BC, Confucius was a thinker and philosopher who promoted morality, justice, and sincerity. In Taiwan, Confucius and all other teachers alike are honored on September 28, commonly referred to as Teacher's Day. It is a day to show gratitude and respect towards teachers and for their profession. Celebrations for the holiday take place all over the island.
老師在塑造人的心智 方面扮演著極其重要的角色。他們以各式各樣的身分出現,從校園到家中都有。古往今來,孔子可說是最偉大的老師之一。他生於西元前551年的今日,是位思想 家與哲學家,推崇道德倫理、公平正義及真誠待人。在台灣,孔子和其他所有老師都在9月28日這天受到表彰,而這天就是一般所稱的教師節。人們會在這一天表 達對老師及老師這個職業的感激之情及尊敬之意。整個台灣都在這個節日舉辦各種慶祝活動。


˙play a vital/key role/part in... 在……扮演重要/關鍵的角色
例:The manager played a key role in turning the company around. (那名經理是讓公司營運好轉的關鍵人物。)
˙come in... 有……(形式、大小、顏色、尺寸等)
例:That type of nail polish comes in six different colors.(那款指甲油共有6種不同的顏色。)
˙justice n.正義
˙justice be served/done 正義得以伸張
例:When the murderer was put in prison, justice was served.(那名兇手被關進牢裡時,正義得以伸張。)
˙honor vt.& n.表彰;致敬
˙in honor of... 以紀念……;向……表示敬意
例:The museum exhibit was set up in honor of that artist.(這次美術館展覽是為了紀念那位藝術家。)
˙be referred to as... 被稱為……
例:This invention was referred to as a major breakthrough in science.(這項發明被稱之為科學領域的一大突破。)
˙gratitude n.感激(之情)


每 年的教師節,各地孔廟(Confucian temple)都會舉行祭孔大典,以最隆重的儀式,表達對孔子無上的敬意(圖為學生在祭孔典禮表演八佾舞。資料照片),而這項傳統是自漢武帝獨尊儒術開 始,之後的皇帝(emperor)每年均會舉行祭孔。除此之外,在教師節時,教育行政單位及各級地方政府也會舉辦「慶祝教師節大會」,分別頒發資深及優良 教師獎狀,以表彰教師們對社會的貢獻(contribution)。

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