Cops hauled naked couple out of bed 警察把裸體夫妻拖下床

The law enforcement officials who ruined the honeymoon of a newlywed homeless couple say they were only doing their job.
City spokesperson Neil Arendse says Jeffrey and Lisa Booysen’s claims that their wedding cake and gifts were taken are lies.
The couple who had been living under a tree opposite Retreat train station for 15 years tied the knot at Wynberg Home Affairs on Wednesday, but were hauled naked out of bed by law enforcement officials.
"Jeffrey and Lisa Booysen’s personal belongings were not removed," says Arendse.
"Items such as their clothing, food, medication and documentation and what they claimed were wedding gifts were left."
"They were warned to remove themselves from City-owned land and failing to comply would result in further action."
haul:動詞,硬拖、強拉。例句:The suspect was hauled into court.(這名嫌犯被帶上法庭。)
tie the knot:片語,結婚、主持婚禮。例句:Diane and Bill tied the knot yesterday.(黛安與比爾昨天結婚了。)
result in:片語,導致、結果造成。例句:His laziness resulted in his failure.(他的懶惰導致他的失敗。)

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