Minister: ’Have sex to stay healthy’ 部長稱「做愛能保持健康」

Brazil’s health minister Jose Gomes Temporao has urged citizens to have regular safe sex to stay fit.
巴 西衛生部長荷西.戈米斯.坦波拉奧已呼籲民眾規律地進行安全的性愛,以保持身體健康。
The official made the comments at an event launched on Monday to prevent high blood pressure, AFP reports.
Temporao said: "People need to be active. A weekend football game must not be the only physical activity for a Brazilian. Adults need to do exercise: walk, dance and have safe sex."
坦波拉奧說:「大家必須積極主動。週末一場足球賽不必然是巴西人唯一的身 體活動。成年人有必要做運動:走路、跳舞與安全的性愛。」
He later added: "It’s not a joke. It’s serious. Having regular physical exercises also means sex, always with protection of course."
"Dancing, having sex, keeping weight under control, changing dietary habits, doing physical exercise [all help]."
「跳舞、做愛、控制體重、改變飲食習慣,做體操(全都有幫 助)。」
Temporao warned of a health "time bomb" in the South American country which could result in millions of people suffering problems within two decades.
坦波拉奧警告,巴西這個南美洲國家有健康方面的「定時炸彈」,可能導致數以百萬計的人們在20年內 出狀況。
stay fit:片語,保持健康。例句:He keeps himself fit by running everyday.(他透過每天跑步來讓自己保持健康。)
keep something under control:片語,控制住~。例句:Keep your temper under control.(控制你的脾氣。)
result in:片語,導致。例句:My parents’ support results in my success.(我父母的支持造就我的成功。)

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