Online sharing, how much is too much? 網路分享,多少是太多?


Whether it is photos, personal status or unwanted comments, most Americans think people ’overshare’ personal information online and a third admit not everything they post is true.
A survey for Intel Corporation on mobile etiquette and digital sharing showed that 90 percent of Americans think too much is being divulged, and nearly half feel overwhelmed by all the data that is out there.
One in five of the 2,008 people questioned by Ipsos Observer for Intel admitted that some of what they post is false.
For many, sharing online with smartphones, laptops and tablets is easier than in person. A third of people admitted they were more comfortable with digital sharing than face to face, and a quarter said they had a different personality online.
The wealth of digital information can also be annoying.
Most US adults said they are vexed by people who complain constantly and similar numbers found posting inappropriate or explicit photos and private information bothersome.(Reuters)
divulge:動詞,洩漏;透露。例句:The soldier was shot for divulging the plans to the enemy.(這個士兵因向敵人洩漏計畫而被槍斃。)
in person:片語, 親自;親自出現地。例句:You should come here in person tomorrow. (明天你必須親自來。)
vex:動詞,使生氣;使痛苦。例句:His longevity vexed his heirs.(他的長命讓繼承人們感到惱火。)

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